Podcasting Blogs.

The wonderful thing about the internet and podcasting community is that What’s A Podcast isn’t the only podcast blog out there! There are so many different blogs that talk and write about so many podcasting topics. Here are some other sites to check out:

  • Audible Feast is an online website to help you find a great show to listen to, regardless of where you fall on the podcast fan scale.
  • Bello Collective is an online collective from and for podcast fans about audio storytelling and the podcasting industry.
  • The Guardian: Audio is the podcasting and audio section of The Guardian. In addition to producing original shows and content, they highlight resources and other podcasts.
  • Podcast Brunch Club is like a book club for podcasts! Chapters of this collective exist all around the world and you can participate online or in real life.
  • Podcasts In Color is a community, directory, and podcast all about podcasts hosted and produced by people of color!
  • Self Taught Solo is a site with resources for fiction podcasters.
  • Wil Williams Reviews is a blog about podcast news, reviews, and musings. Wil is a great writer and has been officially writing about the medium since the summer of 2016.