…Wherever You Get Your Podcasts is a site about podcasts, radio, and other forms of media for people with varying understandings and interest in podcasts. Each week, there will be reviews, show suggestions, recommendations, and eventually, even a few interviews! There will also be introductory articles about what exactly podcasting is, how to start one if you want to make your own, technical information, and all sorts of information about the podcasting world.

Andrea Merrill (she/hers) is the creator of …Wherever You Get Your Podcasts and has been an avid podcast enthusiast for over ten years. She started listening to shows like Stuff You Should Know and Mugglecast in high school on an iPod Classic and now regularly listens to around 70 different shows! She studied Sociology at the University of Portland in Oregon, where her passions of writing, storytelling, community, and audio grew immensely.

After graduating from university, Andrea moved back to her hometown and her audio and storytelling continued to grow in the years since then. When she attended PodCon 2 in January of 2019, Andrea realized she wanted to do more with her passion for podcasts and other forms of media. Thus, …Wherever You Get Your Podcasts was born!

[image: a selfie of Andrea with creator Dylan Marron, both are smiling.]

Sarah N Dillard (she/her) is, among other things, a language lover, an audio addict, and the gooey Pisces diva of your nightmares. She is an editor and contributor to …Wherever You Get Your Podcasts.