Podchaser: Creating Podcast Playlists.

*This post and site are in no way affiliated with Podchaser.

One of the goals for ‘…Wherever You Get Your Podcasts’ (WYGYP) is to highlight the many podcasts, episodes, and other resources on different topics. So far, issues like mental health/illness and parenthood have been covered and there will be so many other issues in the future! Here at WYGYP, we believe that podcasts are a great way to learn about the world and see issues in a different way. Podcasts allow for an intimate understanding of complicated topics and for folks to share their own stories in their own words.

So periodically, we have shared (and will continue to share) lists of different podcasts and episodes on certain topics. This allows others to have a readily available resource on different topics so you don’t have to spend so much time searching. With millions of episodes and hundreds of thousands of shows out there in the world, the lists we share are by no means the only ones and will be constantly changing and growing.

Because of all that, being able to create lists of specific episodes is something we’d love to be able to do. Unfortunately, being able to do that in some of the more popular podcasting platforms is difficult. In Apple Podcasts, for example, you are able to build a queue of shows but that list disappears as you listen through. (Other articles related to Apple Podcasts and playlists seem sadly outdated.) Having a fixed list of episodes to listen to on specific topics, like parenting, is a bit more difficult.

However, there is a site that seems to be addressing this! Podchaser is a site dedicated to providing podcast information, resources, and tools for both listeners and creators. At the moment, the site is only accessible online but according to their FAQ, there might be an app sometime in the future! Because of this, Podchaser isn’t exactly the best solution and it would be great to have a Podchaser app, the ability to export the lists made on the site to other popular podcasting apps, or the ability to even create playlists within platforms like Apple Podcast, PocketCasts, or others.

In addition to browsing creators, shows, and general categories, you can also search and create curated lists. Podchaser has their own general categories, like education and film, but users are also able to create specific lists. To find any lists we’ve created here on WYGYP, search for ‘getyourpodcasts’ (all one word) in the search bar and the lists we’ve made will appear! These lists are a work in progress and more will be created as time goes on. Plus, each list will be linked to in an article here on the blog.

Lastly, it could very well be that I’m the only person who’d love to have (and make) podcast playlists, just as it could be there’s another way to create one that I missed/haven’t heard about. In the meantime, I’m personally going to keep making these lists on different topics to help create resources and ways to learn about the world.

Author: Andrea Merrill

My name is Andrea Merrill and I created Animals of the Pacific Northwest and '...Wherever You Get Your Podcasts', where I write about animals, both domesticated and wild, and podcasts respectively.

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