A Piece of Work [Show Review]

Abbi Jacobson might be most well known for ‘Broad City’, the web series turned hit television show Jacobson created and stars in with friend Ilana Glazer. But did you know that Jacobson initially went to school for art and illustration? Using that background, Jacobson partnered with WNYC Studios and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in 2017 to create and release a ten episode podcast all about modern and contemporary art.

Jacobson talks to curators and artists about different pieces that called the MoMA home. Among other things, she talks about Andy Warhol with MoMA curator Sarah Suzuki and Rookie editor Tavi Gevinson, performance art from Carolee Scheemann with RuPaul, and Yves Klien’s Blue Monochrome with Ahmir Thompson (aka Questlove of The Roots). Each episode dives deep into a specific piece of modern or contemporary art and has a range of folks with different artistic backgrounds.

Even though the show is all about visual art of various mediums, Jacobson and her guests do an amazing job of describing the pieces for an audio-only show and they often have lively conversations about what they’re seeing, feeling, and experiencing. Each episode is about 15-25 minutes long, making them a relatively quick listen. Episodes might be relatively short but they still feel educational and refreshing.

You can listen to the show wherever you get your podcasts, including Apple Podcasts and on the NPR website. If you’d like, you can also see a slideshow of all the work discussed in the podcast on the MoMA website and have a visual for what they’re describing in each episode.

Featured image is of Abbi Jacobson in front of pieces from Van Gogh, with a red banner at the bottom stating “A Piece of Work with Abbi Jacobson” and the logos from WNYC and MoMA. Found here.

Author: Andrea Merrill

My name is Andrea Merrill and I created Animals of the Pacific Northwest and '...Wherever You Get Your Podcasts', where I write about animals, both domesticated and wild, and podcasts respectively.

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