Strong Black Legends: A New Show From Pineapple Street Media, featuring Tracy Clayton

You might know Tracy Clayton from her work at Buzzfeed, including co-hosting the popular and brilliant podcast ‘Another Round’. ‘Another Round’ is still currently on hiatus and Buzzfeed decided to axe its audio department in 2018 but Clayton is back in your podcast feeds with a new Pineapple Street Media and Netflix podcast, ‘Strong Black Legends‘! This new show premieres Tuesday, February 12, 2019.

The first season of the show will take a look at and honor black stars who have made an impact on Hollywood and Black culture through their work and you’ll be able to hear stories of their careers in in the industry. Guests will include Academy Award nominee Ruth E. Carter (Black Panther, Do The Right Thing), Garrett Morris (SNL, Martin), and so many more. Each guest will even get a bouquet of flowers during their episode!

‘Strong Black Legends’ is a part of Strong Black Lead, a Netflix vertical supported and run by black executives at the media company. In a video release in the summer of 2018 about the project, you can hear Caleb McLaughlin talk about the necessity of celebrating black creators, artists, and actors and ends the video by saying:

We’re not a genre because there’s no one way to be black. We’re writing while black, nuanced and complex, resilient and strong. This is not a moment. This is a movement. We are Strong Black Leads. Today is a great day in Hollywood.

As mentioned, the first episode of ‘Strong Black Legends’ will be released on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 wherever you get your podcasts, including Apple Podcasts and RadioPublic.

[Featured image is of Tracy Clayton in a large, regal chair, looking directly at the camera. Found on Bossip, source: Shamayim/Netflix]

Author: Andrea Merrill

My name is Andrea Merrill and I created Animals of the Pacific Northwest and '...Wherever You Get Your Podcasts', where I write about animals, both domesticated and wild, and podcasts respectively.

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