Three New Shows Announced at PodCon 2 [Update]

On January 19th and 20th, 2019, the second PodCon took place in Seattle! In addition to panels, live shows, meetups, and more intimate creator chats, there were several pieces of news announced at the conference. Here are three pieces of podcast-related news that were announced during the weekend:

New Podcast from Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor out in March 2019

Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor are the writers and creators of Welcome to Night Vale and Night Vale Presents, a podcast production company that makes shows like Alice Isn’t Dead, Within the Wires, and more. At PodCon 2, Fink and Cranor debuted a new show that will be officially released March 8th, 2019.

The show, titled Start With This, will about writing, podcasting, and where to start. Each episode will include tips for creating content and will also include regular assignments to consume and create something that the audience can partake in at their own pace. Some tips offered in the debut episode included starting with small projects/ideas to practice (as practice can only help you get better!) and to not let shame or yourself get in your way. I believe it was Joseph Fink who said at one point in the show:

All writing is nothing before it’s something.

Atypical Artists to release a new show in The Bright Sessions universe this year

On a similar note, Lauren Shippen announced in The Bright Sessions Q&A panel that her new production company will be creating and releasing a new show titled AM Archives. Shippen’s first show was The Bright Sessions, which officially wrapped up in the summer of 2018. AM Archives will exist within the same universe and will have many characters from The Bright Sessions. However, AM Archives will be different in tone and structure and will include new writers and characters.

The show should be released in late spring or summer of 2019. Follow @atypicalartists or @laurenshippen on Twitter for more news.

The Whisperforge Announced New Show, CARAVAN

Release Jan. 25, 2019

Another show was announced at PodCon 2! The Whisperforge, the podcast collective behind shows like ars PARADOXICA and The Far Meridian, announced that their new show would premier on Friday, January 25th, 2019! CARAVAN is a weird west audio adventure from writer, Tau Zaman and follows the story of Samir, who goes camping with his best friend in Wound Canyon. Samir soon finds himself caught up in a caravan of supernatural bounty hunters and vigilante peacekeepers!

You can find the first two episodes of CARAVAN and can follow the show on The Whisperforge’s site, Twitter, or on Apple Podcasts now. You can also support the show on Patreon.

Author: Andrea Merrill

My name is Andrea Merrill and I created Animals of the Pacific Northwest and '...Wherever You Get Your Podcasts', where I write about animals, both domesticated and wild, and podcasts respectively.

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